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COVID-19 Testing Specialist

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If you think you’ve been exposed to someone with the novel coronavirus, don’t wait to receive COVID-19 testing. The sooner you know your status, the sooner you can quarantine and protect others. At Westridge Family Clinic, board-certified family medicine physician Christopher Mauldin, MD, and the team offer COVID-19 testing to people of all ages. To make an appointment at the practice in Laurel, Mississippi, call the office today or click the online booking feature.

COVID-19 Testing Q & A

What is COVID-19 testing?

COVID-19 testing is a group of laboratory screens that diagnose the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Some tests determine if you have an active infection; others determine if you’ve had the virus in the past.

If you’ve been exposed to the virus through work, family, or other social activities and you’re experiencing symptoms like a runny nose, a sore throat, or a dry cough, request a COVID-19 testing appointment at Westridge Family Clinic right away.

What are the types of COVID-19 testing?

At Westridge Family Clinic, the team offers several types of COVID-19 testing, including:

Molecular COVID-19 tests

A molecular COVID-19 test analyzes a sample of your saliva or mucus for the presence of specific viral proteins. To improve accuracy, these tests can identify several viral genes instead of just one. Often, it takes one to three days to receive the results of a molecular test.

Antigen COVID-19 tests

An antigen COVID-19 test is similar to a molecular COVID-19 test, the difference is that these tests look for specific viral markers known as antigens. Antigen tests require a nasal swab and provide accurate results within 15-30 minutes.

Antibody tests

Antibody tests determine if you’ve had COVID-19 in the past. This type of test involves your Westridge Family Clinic provider drawing a sample of your blood. Lab techs analyze your blood for antibodies –– proteins your immune system creates to fight off the virus.

What does COVID-19 testing involve?

At Westridge Family Clinic, COVID-19 testing is quick and hassle-free. First, your Westridge Family Clinic provider swabs your nose or throat or they draw a sample of blood. Then, they send your sample to a laboratory. Technicians at the laboratory analyze your swab or blood sample.

As soon as the team at Westridge Family Clinic receives the results of your COVID-19 test, they call you and recommend the next steps for treatment.  

Is COVID-19 testing accurate?

COVID-19 testing has a proven track record of success, but it isn’t perfect and mistakes can be made. Studies have found that accuracy often varies depending on when and how the samples were collected. 

Still, it’s better to get tested than not. When you know you’re contagious, you can take steps to protect your loved ones and the community.

To request COVID-19 testing, make an appointment at Westridge Family Clinic by calling the office today or clicking the online scheduling feature.